We welcome you with immense pleasure to our online home of the foremost financial hub namely World Capital Centre.

While being proud of our new venture World Capital Centre we are confident that we will see even greater growth while attaining new heights. We are financially strong which gives us a high credit rating. Although we are proud of our achievements so far we are working towards further success continuously.

Being an International Franchise we expect to commence with the World Capital Centre South Asian Head Quarters in Sri Lanka and will expand worldwide with the Head Office to be located in Dubai complemented by branches in East Asia, Europe etc. The venture also introduces a novel concept for a Capital Centre by following Local/International Laws, regulations and Policies while providing a complete Capital Solution under one roof.

Our irrefutable Driving Force is a totally dedicated, talented, qualified and experienced team of individuals who contribute with an outstanding performance towards the completion of World Capital Centre successfully..We are blessed and grateful for their efforts to move towards the success of World Capital Centre.

Our vision of being the world’s topmost Capital Market will be achieved through the mission of an unpreceded and exclusive touch of humanity. We have set out to transform the complexities of the world economics mode which is for the betterment of the future of the next generations reign and enlightenment.

We expect to make a remarkable impact and reach out to the Global Capital Market. We believe that nothing is impossible if you have the courage and set out to reach the stars.We invite you with a clear focus to embrace a prosperous future with us! We Create Confidence for you to achieve your targets/goals.

Mr.Asaid Ahmed
Group Chairman
Al-Aman Group